The foundation of every project we do is a thoughtfully created strategy. The main goal of that strategy is always only one - to accomplish goals of our clients' business.
Project handling can roughly be split into 3 phases:



setting realistic goals

The pre-creative phase is all about setting realistic goals. It's an extremely important step since it defines not only the main purpose of the project, but also targeted audience, project timeline and the best suitable technology to be used.



building great things

After carefully gathering all the important pieces of information, we're ready to start the creative phase. The creative phase is reserved for three important processes in the following order: wireframing, designing and development. The most important thing during wireframing and designing is constant client feedback. By the time the first two processes are finalized, we're ready to start converting designs into a beautiful functional project.



wrapping it up 

When both pre-creative and creative phases are done, it's time to wrap things up. This last phase is about making sure our clients got what they hired us for. We test and test and test again, making sure that every single line of code is working as it's supposed to. Once testing is out of the way, we launch the project and soak in the praises that come our way.

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